About This Blog (And Me!)

I had another blog. It had some good stuff. But then it became bogged down with some other stuff. This is my new blog, and what I intend to use on a regular basis. (Of course, my “intents” usually are to write a bit more frequently than I do.)

The title of this blog came to me as I woke up unexpectedly at some unholy hour: exactly one hour before the unholy hour that I already have to get up at currently due to my current duties as a summer school teacher-in-training. I was thinking specifically about kids and words and how to teach them, which is outlined further in my first post here.

So the title “F These Words” is meant to be a pun – one meaning I don’t think I have to explain. This ties into the stuff some of you may already be used to me writing, aka, the commentary decrying the various misogynistic, racist, ableist words that others use. The other is that as an outspoken feminist (in case you’re new to me and my writing and didn’t already know that) and amateur linguist (so my degree sort of backs up), I’ve always been interested in language and how that ties into oppression and all that fun (not really) stuff. So my goal then is to “feminist-ize” those ones and see how things can change. Anyway, without further ado, I’ve got some useful information for you all.

Some things you need to know:

1. Since this is a blog about words, language is extremely important here: Sexism, racism, ableism, and other similarly prejudiced language is not allowed here. You may be asking, wait, Cyn, what if I don’t know this stuff? Excellent question. Learn about it! I’ll update this area with links to what I think may be helpful with elucidating such material when I can.

2. Additionally, please don’t ad hominem people here: Seriously. Don’t do it.

3. Check yourself: I mean this not only privilege-wise (if you don’t know what privilege is, Peggy McIntosh’s “Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack” is a great start on racial privilege, although other privileges also exist), but also fact-wise. If you’re going to come storming in here with “facts,” please check your sources. It’s just embarrassing when you come in here flaming me about my “biased sources” when your counter-source is Michelle Malkin (something that’s happened to me).

Some facts you don’t need to know:

1. What I look like/who I “am”: Without fail, about 75 percent of comments I receive when I write under my actual name for other publications include some sort of snark on how I presumably look/act/behave. Suffice it to say: that stuff ain’t gonna fly here. I don’t care what you think I look like. And also, it just doesn’t matter what I look like. Nor does it matter if I had a prom date or not (seriously, that was a comment on one). If that’s the only comment you can come up with, go back home and think harder.


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